Zuko decided to side having Aang and you may Mai, leaving Ukano yelling intensely when he is actually escorted on castle

Zuko decided to side having Aang and you may Mai, leaving Ukano yelling intensely when he is actually escorted on castle

A month after, Mai is actually for the a date with Kei Lo, whom asked as to why she don’t go to together and you may she dryly replied she wasn’t interested in “casts”. Kei Lo precisely recognized you to definitely his https://datingranking.net/de/dreier-sites/ busted leg wasn’t the genuine reason, but not, but that she nonetheless necessary for you personally to trust your. Mai admitted this particular was the case, looking it difficult to trust how somebody you may ditch the end in becoming together with her. The guy maintained he got only looked for a place to fall-in whenever joining the Ozai Community, but now desired to belong to the woman. Went from this disclosure, Mai kissed Kei Lo. The fresh new heartfelt moment try disrupted because of the Michi screaming regarding nearby flower shop, causing Mai so you can rush regarding and you can witness their sister Tom-Tom being kidnapped by the Kemurikage. Despite the lady desperate attempt to save yourself him, the new kidnappers got aside. 24 hours later, Mai and you may Michi claimed the fresh abduction toward police, have been confused by their point out that morale was on it. But not, Zuko reach the fresh flower store and you can debated you to definitely Mai’s facts is probably genuine. He proceeded to contact Avatar Aang, believing your far more trained in dealing with heart circumstances. [26]

Mai greeted Aang upon their coming and you may informed your regarding Tom-Tom’s abduction from the Kemurikage

This lady reason was cut short when the lady father barged in, accusing the lady of being how come Tom-Tom is kidnapped, as the she had taken him about safeguards of its family. When Ukano propsed a good curfew and you will special activity push to manage towards black comfort, Mai disagreed and recognized the latest Avatar’s suggestion to help you very first take a look at the brand new events prior to pretending rashly. The newest Flame Lord believed that the guy accepted new old boyfriend-governors shouts from the The fresh new Ozai Society’s earlier in the day ambush, and you may inquired if the Mai realized about the woman father being with it away from the brand new assault. She lied, saying that she had no information of Ukano helping this new attack.

After, once the Aang and Zuko ready to collect information about this new Kemurikage, Mai and you can Kei Lo was basically kept by yourself. The guy put this opportunity to need their let you know Ukano’s wedding for the brand new rebellion, however, Mai stated that he was proper you to definitely she got failed to guard her family unit members. Accordingly, she couldn’t allow your to see jail, because this perform exit Tom-Tom as opposed to his father.

The brand new Fire Lord conveyed his remorse about their relationships and you will told you the guy missed the lady, however, Mai angrily insisted they both should progress

At night, Mai and her family unit members traveled with the Higher Temple in which Mai shown so you can Kei Lo one she understood the spot, because the she and you may Zuko had just after went into a date there. She sarcastically commented the Flames Lord had noticed the fresh new “burial web site out of their forefathers” become close place, resulting in Zuko so you can retort exactly how he was confirmed close to their time, making Kei Lo and you will Aang effect shameful. The team after that originated toward Dragonbone Catacombs, in which Mai went on to bicker having Zuko. She afterwards assisted Kei Lo to open up a home for the sealed components of the brand new catacombs, ultimately causing Mai to help you praise their the fresh new boyfriend’s ingenuity. Strong regarding burial chambers, Mai sooner or later discovered an effective browse detailing the brand new emergence of one’s first Kemurikage inside Flame Nation’s criminal previous.

After ward, the team used a good ghostly cigarette you to definitely provided these to this new grave of your first Flames Lord. Indeed there, they split up, since Mai refused to enter the burial chamber. While you are Aang and you can Kei Lo ventured greater, Mai and you will Zuko existed behind, performing an embarrassing dialogue. She following reported she regretted ever before enabling your to split the girl cardio unnecessary minutes, and you can meant to stay with Kei Lo, despite their lack of warmth to possess him.